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I am a journalist with BBC News, currently working on the corporation's Journalism Trainee Scheme. During my time at the corporation I have worked across radio, online and digital video teams and have worked on major news stories such as the 2019 General Election, the allegations against Prince Andrew of sexual assault and the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. I have previously worked as the Opinion Editor and Elections Editor of the award winning University Times and as a political columnist with the I am a law graduate from Trinity College Dublin and worked as a parliamentary staffer with the Irish Shadow Health Minister, Fianna Fáil's Stephen Donnelly T.D, for the final year of my degree. 

Opinion: 'The Farage approach would strip the heart from democracy'

WHATEVER YOUR FEELINGS on the man few will disagree that Nigel Farage is one of the most transformative politicians of his generation. Operating on the fringe of British politics for years, he waged what often seemed like a one-man war on Britain’s membership of the European Union. He, more than any other person, was responsible for reviving the Eurosceptic cause, pushing it back into mainstream conservative politics, a move which ultimately pressured David Cameron into calling the referendum

Presidential Candidates Learn Lessons from Difficult First Week

If tonight’s hustings, a last-chance saloon for presidential candidates, featured familiar themes, they were given a facelift by candidates well aware that they’re running out of time impress voters. For some, however, it might have been too little, too late. The final night of hustings in the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) election period, in Trinity Hall, showed some candidates sticking to their safe rhetoric, but most injected some last-minute, and much-needed, energy, to cam

Ryan Denies Promising a Bar Tab for Votes

Sean Ryan, who is running for Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) President, has denied promising a €300 bar tab in exchange for votes in a Facebook group chat. In a Facebook statement this afternoon, Ryan has strongly rebuffed allegations made in an article by Trinity News this morning, stating that “claims of the article in Trinity News this morning are categorically untrue”. Reiterating comments made by members of his campaign team to The University Times this morning, Ryan claim

Tensions Emerge Among Presidential Candidates, in Casual Trinity FM Chat

The Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) presidential candidates enjoyed a more relaxing lunchtime chat with Trinity FM today, as the first week of campaigning draws to a close. The interview saw the candidates break little new ground, with less focus on substantive policy points as host Jake O’Donnell focused on broad questions, ranging from the candidates’ positions on feminism, to more familiar points such as the cost of class representative training. Having missed last night’s Tr

Presidential Candidates Tread Tentatively, in Penultimate Hustings

At tonight’s activism hustings, presidential candidates were often forced to take a more defensive approach, unable to engage each other in debate as they trod tentatively through questions that might have tripped them up. Hosted by journalist and activist, Dil Wickremasinghe, tonight might have been a welcome relief for the best-read candidates but candidates seeking to re-focus the union’s attention towards more local issues might have been left frustrated by the large-scale nature of the que

Candidates’ True Colours Emerge, in Equality Hustings Heavy on Policy

Presidential candidates struggled slightly in the different setting of tonight’s The University Times hustings, with personalities clashing as candidates pushed and shoved to get ahead in a race that remains crowded. Quizzed by a panel of experts, led by President of Cumann Gaelach Ciaran Wadd and Editor of The University Times Dominic McGrath, this was the hustings in which strengths – and weaknesses – really shone through. In the face of a panel system, with candidates seated and addressing

Presidential Candidates Survive, if Not Thrive, at TCDSU Council Hustings

Differences started to become more apparent tonight between presidential candidates at the second hustings of this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) leadership race. But it was during the audience questions, rather than in the pre-rehearsed speeches, where the greatest gaps started to emerge. Clearly wary of slip-ups, the presidential candidates looked mostly to consolidate the points made at yesterday’s Dining Hall Hustings – with the notable experience of Michael McDermott

Presidential Candidates Ponder a New Era in Student Politics

The role of President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) has always remained somewhat ambiguous, especially when compared to the specific briefs enjoyed by other officers. Indeed, more than any other role, the office can be defined by the personal priorities of its incumbent. This year is no different. The four candidates, with competing visions of what the union should deliver, have their own views on the problems facing the union and the president’s role in shaping solutions.

TCDSU Candidates Use the ‘Engagement Problem’ as a Crutch

This year’s Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) elections is notable for the newly diverse range of candidates putting themselves forward for election, delivering a welcome reprieve from the worrying paucity of women seeking office in previous years. However, while many had hoped that the diverse nature of this year’s contest would grant the candidates a unique opportunity to rely on their own individual life experiences to identify a broader range of issues, it is notable that yet ag

Challenging Questions Yield No Casualties, In Confident Halls Hustings

If candidates had expected the final hustings of this year’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections to be something of a formality, they received a rough surprise tonight in the face of robust and skillful questioning on the part of the JCR and the residents of Trinity Hall. Taking to the stage this evening under a slightly sombre atmosphere, as news of the emergence of a racist and antisemitic Twitter page attacking some candidates filtered through, the speakers were forced t

Stiff Competition Emerges in Contested Races, as Candidates Hit Form

For many candidates, Tuesday’s hustings was a gruelling experience. While some thrived under the pressure, others seemed unprepared for an in-depth examination of their manifesto points. However, with no hustings yesterday – a break in Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union’s (TCDSU) electoral tradition – it was obvious that candidates had regrouped and prepared themselves for what many likely anticipated as the toughest examination of their policies to date at this evening’s Media Hustings, ru

Candidates Namecheck Engagement Problem at Laid-Back Dining Hall Hustings

It was a quick affair on the steps of the Dining Hall this afternoon, with the first hustings of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections finishing in just under half an hour. In what is becoming a theme of hustings annually, the crowd was mainly made up of campaign teams, prompting little engagement with the ideas advanced. Undeterred, candidates promised to tackle this lack of engagement with “inclusion” – a particular buzzword for the presidential candidates. With little

Some Falter, Others Make Strides at Testing Hustings

In the face of tough questioning from an experienced panel at tonight’s Council and Equality Hustings – the second hustings of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) election period – the first fault lines of the campaign have emerged. With probing questions delivered skillfully from Stephen Sheil of the Electoral Commission, Nathan O’Gara from Q Soc, Caolán Mac Grianna from An Cumann Gaelach and the audience at large, the evening provided the first real test of the elections for th

Amid TEP Fallout, Education Candidates Promise Students a Voice

Often neglected by comparison to the more glamorous, flashy nature of its compatriots, the role of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Education Officer is arguably one of the most challenging positions on the sabbatical officer team. Upon their election, the successful candidate instantly becomes one of the most pivotal members of the College community, boasting a seat on almost all of Trinity’s myriad of committees and councils. Whether it’s third-year politics and geography studen

The Trinity Twenty

We’re back, baby. Like a bout of freshers’ flu, the Trinity 20 returns once again, despite our ongoing bafflement as to its continued popularity. This year we received a record number of messages from College’s narcissists asking when it was coming out (for the record, anyone who asked was immediately cut from the list). Listed below are roughly 20 people we feel are worthy of both toasting and roasting, representing the biggest and best names on campus. Whether as driven and dedicated activists

The Bane of the Brexiteers

Senator Neale Richmond’s office is bright and airy, if slightly disorganised. His desk is cluttered, covered in a thin veneer of assorted memorabilia seemingly collected over the course of his travels as Seanad spokesperson on Brexit. However, pride of place, perhaps unsurprisingly, is afforded to a marginally deflated rugby ball, a memorial of the Irish Parliamentary Rugby Team’s recent Six Nations win. He breaks out in a booming laugh when I ask where the team ranks in the pantheon of great Ir

Opinion: As the spectre of fascism threatens Europe again - learning history is more important than ever

ACROSS THE WORLD familiar themes are re-emerging. As Russia flexes its muscles and starts to reassert itself on the world stage after its long hibernation, and the spectre of fascism threatens to spread across Europe once again, it is perhaps time to remember the words of the Italian philosopher, George Santayana. It is only as the final members of a generation that lived through the horrors of a century ravaged by war are coming to the ends of their lives, that these familiar tropes are re-em
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